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Products Information

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Products Information

OTC Business Stage

 OTC aims to be a company serves as an interface between society and customers with the basic principle of science and technology as well as the basic philosophy of "heart"

◆It is the foundation of OTC to make customers want products.

◆We will offer you the best way to determine the cost and time of delivery from the information such as
 email, fax, or from a customer via phone.

◆At OTC, we will offer high-precision and high-precision products using the right processing methods
 for products that have a cold heading process.

◆At OTC, in order to respond quickly to Market Needs and shorten the production cycle. We focus on
 communicating information to employees and responding to requests.

◆Due to the high demand of customers. Therefore, we must increased production efficiency by reducing
 production time and reducing production costs, design and technology In order to make the production and
 sales staff can respond on working quickly.

◆The characteristics of the products range from standard to special shaped products.
 For the lots of products, we will provide a small number from 1,000 pieces to the large number of 8 million
 pieces (actual value).

◆Materials used are common steel (SWCH 1 or - 50 K, poron copper, SCM 4 1 5 • 435), such as stainless steel,
 aluminum, copper, etc.

◆The diameter of the wire can be processed from Φ4 to Φ18. For sewing sizes will be processed from M 3 to
 M 1 6.

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Product Info
Serrated bokt
When attaching the bolts and pins to the board with the Serration. It is then possible to join high-strength bolts and pins and thin plates that can not be welded.

Grooved bolt

Attach a groove to the shaft so that the mating member does not fall-off,and hold with a snap ring.

Flange bolt

A flange seat surface is placed at the bottom of the head. Its large area is to prevent collapsing into a hole on the surface of the matting member and to prevent loosening.

Shoulder bolt

The member can be moved by holding the member with the length of the bolt.

Weld bolt

Weld bolt It is a bolt to be used by providing a protruding part on the surface and welding it to the steel plate. This shape is spherical type and mountain type, etc.

Caulking pin

Caulk the tip and fasten the two members together. Help to speed up the assembly work and simplify the product design.

Long bolt & pin

The bottom of the neck corresponds to the length up to 160 m.

Special shape bolt

According to customer's original drawings, we manufacture special (bolt) shaped bolts.

With locking stop function

When the adhesive sealed in the microcapsule is applied to the surface of the screw and tightened, the microcapsule is broken, the locking effect and the sealing effect are exerted by the function of the adhesive and it prevents looseness due to shock and vibration.

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Weld nut

Uses: Products for automobiles

Features: Through-hole + female nut

Collar Flange

Uses: Products for automobiles

Features: Through-hole

Hollow rivet

Uses: Products for automobiles

Features: Hollow hole

Collar Flange

Uses: Products for automobiles

Features: Through-hole

Adjustment bolt

Use: Building product

Features: Round Hole hexagon socket

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We will order mold fabrication materials according to the production drawing.


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We will thoroughly inspect every production process and product according to your request.


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