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Sales are divided into Sales and Business. We have suggestions to visit customers and prepare production orders and management of orders. To respond with the request of the customers, we focus on day-to-day crawling.

・We focus on customer orders. In order to be able to know the needs of our customers, we always receive phone or email information, etc. So we are committed to providing service and cost management.

・On the business side, we will prepare the production according to the quantity and delivery date to the customers who order and manage the progress. We also arrange delivery and delivery of finished goods. To serve as a window to customers, we are welcome to answer you on the delivery date and confirm your products.

Production is divided into Production management, Extrusion, Rolling group and the NC group, we created the production with the safety first.

Production management procures necessary materials according to customer orders and produces production plans so that production can be made quickly and efficiently.

Extrusion Using molds to create products from standard products in a special shape makes the use of technology more complete.

The Rolling Division carries out not only screw rolling but also knurling processing first.

In the NC group we have been working on cutting, drilling, tapping and drilling. So we produce value added products through our processed products.

Production department

The quality assurance department is subdivided into quality assurance, inspection and shipping departments. We manage the quality of each process and our suppliers so that we can deliver the products that meet the needs of our customers.

The quality assurance department conducts product testing and measurement, including defect retardation, help customers and factories, analyzes factors and quality assurance with defect prevention. We also monitor compliance with international standards (is09001, 1 S014001) and create a framework.

The inspection department and the shipping department will perform a pre-shipment inspection of the finished Products. (With or without contamination of various shapes and defects) using visual inspection and visual inspection. In addition, we also carry out weighing, packing and shipping of products, visual inspection and inventory management.

Department of General Affairs and Accounting

The General Affairs and Accounting Department will carry out the administrative work needed to carry out the work. The company also has a role in supporting other agencies to ensure operation.

Accounting is important for in managing the company's finances and provides the information necessary for business decision-making. We do business with accuracy and without mistakes. General and human resources are diversified and are working in partnership with other organizations to ensure the operation of the company.

Senior Information

Production department
Joined 2014

The best reason to join a company.

In the past, I was interested in a mechanic, car and the screw of my favorite car.

When do you challenge your job?

 When I reach the goal of the company or my own goals. In addition, I can also create my own credible product and feel satisfied when the customer is satisfied.

a suggestion to anyone looking for work?

 Our company is very meaning for Japan. We will be happy and want to create more new things when customers are satisfied with our work . We have production management staff in efficient production planning, sales staff, production team, product inspection staff. When the authorities cooperate, they will be able to complete the screw for the first time. I want to be a member of this group and have fun creating things.

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Application Guidelines

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