Manufacturers aim required by customers.


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Management General Guidelines
Ⅰ.Management slogan Let’s create a "dream and pride" company
Ⅱ.Management philosophy Trust and technology challenge
Ⅲ.Operation guidelines Safety first. Quality first.
Ⅳ.Behavioral guidelines Have a bright greeting and do whatever you decide
Top Message
Okuyama Technical Center Co., Ltd. (OTC below) contribute to the realization of a society where people's lives will be enriched through the manufacture of screws.


① Through products

We will provide you with reliable quality screws that allow the manufactured screws to be safely attached to automobiles and household appliances with spending more rich and reliable days.


②Through community

To ensure that neighboring areas and Japan can live safely and relax, we aim to zero use of environmentally harmful substances. We will emphasize compliance and actively promote eco activities.


③Through employees

We will constantly improve the work environment inside the factory and continue to prevent accidents and labor accidents, so that employees and their families can be happy.


【“Manufacturers aim required by customers”】 as a word for 70 years since we manufactured components, screw rivets and weld bolts.

Customers, automobile industry. Truck industry, household appliance industry, construction industry and others.

We continue to challenge all employees to ensure that "quality, cost, delivery date" is all "No. 1 of the best"

We, OTC, will improve day by day to customize "screw" which can be produced by any manufacturer, in order to respond to customer needs. Although it is in the middle of the road, we will continue to make screws with full power to fulfill slogan of "I will do it now, I will do it right now, and I will do it until it done".

Through many screws even one, we are responsible for the manufacturers to make it useful for people's lives, and we will continue to grow toward 100 years of inception.
Company name Okuyama Technical Center Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director and Chairman: Okuyama Ichiro
Representative Director and President: Okuyama Daisuke
Capital 20,570,000 Yen
Foundation August, 1948 (Showa 23)
Establishment July, 1965 (Showa 40)
Location Yumemino East 4-3-6, Matsubushi Town, Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL 048 - 991 - 6321 (Representative) / FAX 048 - 991 – 2743
Products handled Cold-sintering functional parts (screws and irregular shaped of parts)
Composite machining functional parts (Special parts by pressure forming, rolling, cutting, pressing, etc.)
ISO Standard ISO9001、ISO14001
Overseas plant OKUYAMA TECHNICAL CENTER(THAILAND)CO.,LTD Headquarter is here
August, 1948 As an individual company of cutting screw processing started at Umejima, Adachi Sub-district, Tokyo.
March, 1955 Introduction of cold heading machine (head parts). Started of special components production.
March, 1965 Construction of Saitama factory at Matsubushi Town, Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture. Moved the pressure production department.
July, 1965 With a capital of 3.5 million yen to establish Okuyama Screw Co., Ltd.
December, 1970 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
June, 1971 New Saitama factory were completed (cooling and heating system).
August, 1971 Moved Tokyo Factory to Saitama Plant and relocated its head office to Matsubushi Town, Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture.
June, 1972 Capital increased to 1.7 million yen.
December, 1980 Capital increased to 18.7 million yen
December, 1981 Capital increased to 20.57 million yen.
December, 1983 Okuyama Ichiro was appointed to be representative president.
September, 1986 Rolling system plant was increased.
May, 1990 Changed company name to Okuyama Technical Center Co., Ltd.
Construction of new factory was began in the Matsubushi industrial Complex at Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture.
July, 1997 The second factory was completed (increased)
March, 1999 Acquired ISO 9002 certification
March, 2002 Acquired ISO 9001 transition certification.
March, 2005 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
December, 2005 The third factory was completed (increased)
November, 2011 Okuyama Ichiro is appointed to be Chairman of the Board.
Okuyama Daisuke is assumed office as president.
June, 2012 OKUYAMA TECHNICAL CENTER(THAILAND)CO., LTD are established in Thailand.
March, 2013 The Thai field was completed in the Amata City Industrial Complex at Rayong, Thailand.
January, 2014 Started to operate in Thailand.

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  • Coming by car
  • Capital Highway No. 6, about 30 minutes from Misato, Misato line

    Tokyo Outer Ring Expressway, about 40 minutes from Misato Nishi IC

    Joban Expressway, about 20 minutes from Nagareyama IC

    Central area, about 40 minutes from Satoshi IC or Gosu IC

  • Coming by train
  • Tobu Isesaki Line, Kitakoshigaya Station

      Ibaraki Express Bus, about 20 minutes by Elora line

    JR Musashino Line, get off at Yoshikawa station

     Ibaraki Express Bus, about 25 minutes by Elora Line

     ・ Walk about 3 minutes from the bus stop after getting off at Elora line

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    Yumemino East 4-3-6, Matsubushi Town, Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture
    TEL :048―991―6321

    Establishment June, 2012
    Capital 40 million baht
    Representative Okuyama Daisuke
    Location Amata City Industrial Estate
    7/384 Moo6,Mabyangporn, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140 Thailand
    Tel / Fax TEL + 66-33-010-941(Representative)/ FAX + 66-33-010-942
    Area Site area: 9,900 m² (3,000 tsubo)
    Building area: 1,048 m² (560 tsubo)
    Products handled Cold-sintering functional parts (screws and irregular shaped of parts)
    Composite machining functional parts
    (Special parts by pressure forming, rolling, cutting, pressing, lock processing, etc.)
    ISO standard ISO 9001 certification acquired (February 2014)
    ISO 14001 certification acquired (February 2014)
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