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Production process

Equipment list

Introduction of cold forging technology

Introduction of rolling technology

Introduction of NC technology

Quality assurance system

Testing machine and adjustment equipment...

1.Material acceptance

The material wire diameter used is Φ 4 - 018 mm.

2.Pressing process

Using a dedicated metal mold. Pressure is applied to the material at room temperature to process it into the required dimensions and shape.
About pressure technology

3. NC process

For pressed products, cutting and drilling are performed, and processing is done to the requested size and shape.
About NC technology

4.Rolling process

It squeezes and presses the material to form screws and grooves.
≫About rolling technology


We check whether the processed product is defective such as foreign product or unprocessed by image inspection machine.
About the quality assurance system


We will deliver it according to customer's delivery date.

Equipment list

Machine list

Press Machine

Total of 26 units

Rolling machine

Total of 20 units

Secondary processing machine (NC lathe)

Total of 5 units

Automatic inspection machine

Total of 8 units

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Introduction of cold forging technology

 Cold forging technology refers to performing plastic working by applying pressure to a material in cold (room temperature). Plastic processing is a process that utilizes a property (plastic deformation) that does not return to its original form even if the material is tapped, squeezed, or bent.

 The feature of cold forging is that it cuts the material and forms the shape, so the material loss is small as opposed to the cutting process and the fiber flow (fibrous structure) is not cut, so the strength is higher than the cut product. The point is to be stronger.

 In manufacturing, we use a mold made of cemented carbide etc., so it is possible to produce high dimensional accuracy without variation. Moreover, the production speed is fast, and it is the most popular technology in the production of screw products.

Our strengths

  • The material wire diameter is processed up to Φ 4 ~ 1 8!
  • It corresponds from a simple shape to an irregular shape!
  • We can produce hollow holes, through holes etc.!
  • Introduction of rolling technology

     Rolling is a plastic forming process that applies pressure to a material to deform it and is a method of forming a rod while rotating it with a tool called a rolling die. It can be processed into a wide variety of shapes, including spiral and serrations, circumferential grooves, chamfering of C or R at the tip of the screw etc.

    Our strengths

  • Diameter of male nut M3 ~ M1 6 is processed!
  • We able to produce grooving, cutting edge C surface, R chamfering etc.
  • Original serration + male screw + tip chamfering at the same time!
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    Introduction of NC lathe technology

     Lathe is a machine for making things by rotating and scraping materials such as metal. NC lathe added NC (Numerical control) to its lathe.
     NC means numerical control. We digitize with a computer and do cutting work cheaply. It is possible to process complicated shapes that are impossible by pressure forming and transformation, and processing with high dimensional accuracy is possible. Because of the motor drive, the processing speed is fast, and efficient production and high quality can be achieved at the same time.

    Our strengths

  • Shaft diameter cutting with severe dimensional accuracy
  • Stepped shape cutting
  • Cutting of grooves, C face, R face, spherical face
  • Vertical hole processing of deep hole
  • Female nut processing
  • Horizontal hole + duplex processing
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    Quality Assurance System

     OTC thinks about manufacturing from the vision of customer's point all the time, aiming to deliver products with safety, security, stable and best quality.
     We will continue to respond to customers' needs, we will make manufacturing that does not make defects, seeking quality control system, improve employee's awareness of quality, and make continuous improvements.

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    Test equipment • Measuring equipment
  • Universal tester (tension • compression)
  • 3D shape measuring machine
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Surface roughness meter
  • Projector
  • Metallurgical microscope
  • Pack test (simple measurement of hexavalent chromium)
  • Fiber flow observation
     (Precision cutting machine, sample polishing machine, embedded machine for gold phase sample)

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